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Educational Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

The team at The Master Theorem is always hard at work creating new family-friendly, educational games. Teachers and parents love us because kids can't get enough of our fast, fun, and addicting math games, brain teasers, and word games.

Our award-winning games have been recognized with plenty of accolades. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Teachers' Choice Award Gold: "[Proof! is] an awesome, fun game for students to engage in while learning math!"
  • Parents' Choice Gold Award: "Snippets has become a regular in our game cupboard in our home of word lovers and smiths."
  • National Parenting Product Awards Winner: "Math can feel intimidating at times, but not if you present it in a fun way. Proof! card game is a great way to get creative with math concepts. Especially during this time when kids are learning from home, a game that mixes fun and learning is a terrific educational tool for parents."
  • Tillywig Top Fun Award Winner: "Snippets is one of the most delightful party and family games we've seen in quite some time, an uproariously fun word game that is more about creativity than vocabulary and whose 'anything goes' scoring can turn just about anyone into a prolific wordsmith."
  • Recommended By Mensa Mind Games®: "[Snippets] is the game for my family, my house, my life!" and "Fantastic fun for smart people!"

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our games. If you have feedback or suggestions for us, please reach out. We love to hear from our favorite puzzlers and gamers!

Math Games

Proof! Math Game

Proof! Math Game is the best way for kids and grownups alike to practice their mental math skills while having a blast! Schools buy it in bulk and parents tell us their children actually beg them to play. With each round, enjoy a fun-filled frenzy of multiplication, addition, division, subtraction and square roots. 

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Word Games

Snippets Word Game

We got our start when our flagship game, Snippets, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016. Ever since then, we've been bringing family-friendly educational games to people all around the world.

Not long after our word game Snippets launched, we introduced Snippets Junior, a fun way for kids ages 6 to 9 to practice spelling, phonics, and vocabulary!

Brain Teasers

The Master Theorem Puzzle Book

Written by the mysterious polymath known only as M, The Master Theorem puzzle book has never been your average brain teasers or logic puzzles.

Spawned out of a secret society at an elite university, The Master Theorem creates solvers. Its members from across the globe tackle the mysteries of the universe with their wits and wiles. They study the problems of the world and seek to make them right. 

The Herculean test of your grit: Find the word or phrase solution to each brain-bending puzzle, called a Theorem, and gain entry into M's elite ranks. It may take some time, but it'll be worth it.

To answer a question we get a lot: No, Shaun and Lauren are not M and do not know who M is. Shaun and Lauren are regular, everyday people with a humble game company. M has been called "Mensa's evil twin" by the New York Times.