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How to Play Proof! and Snippets with Kids of Different Ages






Playing educational games at home often means adapting the rules for kids of different ages and experience levels. We've got you covered with suggestions for how to tweak the rules to make our games fun for everyone. 

Proof! Math Game for Kids

(Check out the full instructions for Proof! if you haven't already)

Some younger players may be advanced enough to rival even adults, but small modifications may be needed for others to make the game more accessible and fun. Depending on players’ skill levels, try one or more of the following:

  • Play without square roots
  • Play with numbers only up to 30 or 50
  • Play with 12 cards out on the table rather than 9

When playing without any adults, the young dealer may also enjoy sitting out of the game and acting as a moderator, getting to decide who shouted what number first and making sure everyone’s math checks out.

Snippets Junior Word Game for Kids

(Check out the full instructions for Snippets if you haven't already)

Snippets Junior is an expansion pack for Snippets with 100 extra cards that are fun for the whole family and ideal for young wordsmiths, ages 6 to 9.

It plays the same way as regular Snippets with one difference: rounds are 2 minutes (or longer) instead of 1 minute. For the best experience, we recommend playing through the deck in order, starting with the A card.

If you don’t have the full Snippets game, simply hand out some paper and pencils, and keep time with the free Snippets Junior smartphone app (downloadable from the iOS store) or any available timer. 

Depending on the ages of the children playing and the size of the group, you can also try one or more of these variations to make the game more fun and manageable:

With 1 - 2 children, try the full game! Just help them with spelling and scoring as needed.

With 3 - 5 children, we suggest not having them compare answers at all. Players can just get 1 point for each word they write down.

With 6+ children, try leave out writing and scoring completely. Simply hold up a Snippet and have them shout out words for it!

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